Research Post 2: An overview on the 3 main sources of Inspiration

In one of my previous posts;  Research Post: An Introduction to Finding Inspiration, I introduce inspiration as part of the scientific process in art and animation, and I also talk about the 3 main sources of inspiration. Today, I would like to expound upon those 3 key sources of inspiration and give examples of how successful artists have used them in their professional lives.


music is probably my personally most used source of inspiration. One of my favorite Artist, Alex pardee is an example of how musical inspiration can inspire art. Alex pardee is known for his graphic and colorful paintings of abstract monsters and creatures and cites horror films and Gangster Rap Music as inspiration for his grotesquely beautiful paintings(Harvey, 2011). Ann Edwards also describes music as has having the power to achieve a certain mood in art as well as a tool to use pop culture imagery associated with a certain genre of music to appeal to a certain audience(Edwards, 2009).

Life experiences

Life experiences can provide an excellent source of inspiration as we draw and create our visionary stories. Mike Weaver addresses life experiences as a way to find your passion in life and gives 3 ways to actively seek out inspiration from life experiences(Weaver, 2011). Life experiences can help mold the stories that we tell and in my own experience, I have found that I have used life experiences subconsciously to write and tell stories.

Personal Philosophies

In the past, artists have traditionally been the visionaries of society(Bax). It is no secret that many artists have used their own personal philosophies and understanding to draw inspiration for their artwork. Personal philosophies can give artists a certain setting or theme to draw from. Although considered a work of art at the hands of countless animators, CG artists and concept designers, James Cameron AVATAR film that came out in 2009 gives an example of personal philosophies being used to create art as the story of AVATAR expounds upon the injustices of the past, specifically the mistreatment of Indians and Africans by “invading” or “slave driving” Europeans(Hiscock, 2009). Personal philosophies should always be something to take into consideration as it gives our art and stories something profound and deeper than aesthetics.


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