How to Draw the Human Face

1. Begin by drawing a circle. This will create the basic shape of the head “refer to slide 1″

2.Draw an upside down triangle from the square keeping the triangle relatively equally proportionate to the head. “refer to slide 2″.

3.Draw in half oval shapes on each side of the circle and triangle. These will make the basis of the ears. be sure to be aware of the placement of each ear as the ears are usually planted between the circle and the trinagle. “refer to slide 3″

4.Draw an intersecting diagonal and horizontal line across the face. This will create the placement for the eyes mouth and nose “refer to slide 4″

5. keeping your placement even you can now draw in the shape markers for your eyes nose and mouth. “refer to slide 5″

6. Now you will begin drawing in your detail on the face. The most important part is to get your key markers and then you can go crazy with it. “refer to slides 6-8″


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