Research Post 3: The future of animation

The animation industry has been in a battle between the old versus the new (Carlson, 2003).In recent years we have seen the evolving state of animation features as CG has taken over the market for animated films. Even today, we are starting to see the effects of new technologies and how they are bringing animation closer and closer to the real world with movies now flawlessly combining 3-d animation with live-action film.

technological industries on the rise

In recent years, we have seen a huge amount of growth in the animation industry, particularly in technology. With the release of ground-breaking technology such as the “i-phone” and android, we have seen the animation industry take flight into new avenues of business such as apps (Weinberg, 2012). Digital media has become the leading new industry as the world has transcended into the age of information(Cashmore). In the last few years, Texas has become one of the leading states of the video game industry (Strassman, 2011) . It seems that animation is  now becoming an integrated part of our lives as it leaks into multi-media industries that have become part of everyday life.

Animation Industries Unknown

On the surface we think of Pixar films and the latest video games on the market when animation comes to mind, However there is an underlying animation industry that many do not know about. Now-a-days, animation is practically used in everything. Medical animator’s use the technology to illustrate functions of the human body which has effectively helped prospective doctors and workers in the medical field understand the functions of the human body(“animated biomedical productions,” ).  Legal Animator’s use animation in forensic science which helps forensic scientists solve crimes (Naillon). Animation has extended into a slew of fields which prospective future animator’s should take into consideration.



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