Art Theory Chapter1: Expanding Our Horizon

As artists, we tend to remain inside our own artistic boundaries, and while there is nothing wrong with this, we have to expand our skill set if we wish to pursue a professional career. The first step in scientific theory of art is breaking out of our mold and learning how to be versatile in;

  • Style
  • Genre
  • Medium

A professional artist should be able to make something interesting, even if it may contradict their own familiar artistic style. This is a necessity if we wish to work in animation particularly, because you may get a story or character that you may feel very distant from in your own unique artistic sensibilities.


When working in a professional setting or collaborating, there has to be a consistency with style. maybe the style of a series is very Warner Bros. Cartoony, or maybe you’re animating photorealistic drawings. In any case, you  have to be versatile as an artist and be able to adapt to different styles. The best means to do this is through mastery which requires lots of practice of different styles of drawing to get a universal understanding of style.


As an artist, you may have a passion for working on more horror themed works, and while your creative ability to draw monsters may be stunning and land you that job, you must be able to be versatile in any genre. What if your company puts you on a comedy based animated series, or maybe you’re hired to work on a Nascar game? These are situations that we must think about when planning our professional careers as artists.


Being versatile in a variety of creative tools is extremely important, especially in todays technological age where there are so many to choice from. Researching industry standard equipment and programs will give you a good idea of what to expect when you’re preparing to start a job.

Expanding your Horizon helps you to become a more efficient and versatile artists as you have more to contribute to the professional world of animation and to your own work as an independent artist.

  1. It’s great that you introduce art theory by making us readers familiar with the scope of what all our works might encompass, and therefore what we have to prepare our skills for. I would recommend you amend “genre” to refer more specifically to “subject matter”. While there are a variety of genres that an artist can work within, genre is more of a function of storytelling. An artist’s job is more likely to fall along the lines of rendering the subjects that will be utilized to “sell” the genre of the story. Aside from that this blog is shaping up to be very informative and interesting. As an ATEC student look I look forward to future posts.

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