Chapter 3: Realism


realism is a form of art that is mastered through extensive observation of our surroundings and how matter and objects art perceived by the visual eye. It is very important for artists to get some kind of understanding in realism and also in photorealistic art. The reason being is that, most creative art is always backed by a visual concept that we recognize in the real world. By being able to reproduce realistic ideas, we then gain the ability to manipulate these ideas to our choosing, thus becoming uninhibited in our boundaries as artists.

Abstract Realism

The goal when mastering realism is to be able to effectively use the concept as a tool when designing our work. One example, would be  from the Wachowski brothers hit science fiction film “The Matrix” in which killer machines called sentinels roam the apocalyptic landscapes of the movie. The sentinels. although robotic in nature have frightening features that can be defined as insectoid and squid-like in nature. By combining varying characteristics of animals in the real world, the concept artists creativity, and a mechanical element, the artist was able to produce these complex looking creatures. This demonstrates that utilizing design based in nature and the real world effectively helps us to design our creatures and settings.

Getting to Realism: Life Drawing

Life drawing is the fundamental basis to becoming skilled in realistic art. Using reference books helps tremendously when beginning life drawing studies. “Facial Expressions: A Visual Reference for Artist” is an excellent reference book  by Mark Simmons. Carrying a sketch pad and pencil also helps when starting life drawing studies as you are able to draw anytime and anywhere. In the next few  chapters, I will discuss life drawing in further detail.


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