interview with an artist: Sarah Toby

Sarah Toby is an astonishing digital painter and ATEC undergrad at the University of Texas at Dallas. I had the pleasure to talk to Sarah about some of her experiences with Art and how her process went as well as what she hoped to tdo in the future. Sarah gave me some valuable information on  how she digitally paints, and I’m sure this will help many artists out there with a new technique

Sarah Toby’s artwork can be viewed at


A: How long have you been drawing and what got you your start?

B:Ive been doing art since I was little, but I got a head start in digital art since I got my first tablet in middle school. I was involved in a lot of communities that dealt with character design.

A: Typically what kind of art do you like to do?What is your basic process like? How do you go about designing your characters?

I like to do a lot of character design, and digital painting.When I start out I usually do a combination of lines and silhouetting. I then carve out in white the negative space. I would say it’s a subtractive technique. I really like silhouetting because I’m able to get a good flow and make it very dynamic. Another trick that I also use is flipping the image to make sure it’s a centered composition. The eye dropper tool in photoshop is also one of my favorite tools because it allows me to select color very efficiently.

How did you develop your personal skills? Were there any hurdles that you had to overcome?

I was involved in art communities from early on and I always strived to improve my art and focus on getting better. I have the toughest time drawing men. I have a better sense of the female anatomy because I am a female. But I’ve realized they  just are made of a smaller series of circles to create muscle mass and get that block texture.

And finally, what do you hope to do when you graduate?

As an ATEC grad, I hope to become either a modeling or texture artist. I’m also minoring in bio because I might go into medical illustration.Ideally I want to get a job in Pre-pro. That’s my goal and that’s the dream. If not, then I’ll probably go to Grad school for medical illustration.


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