Intro to Inquehaus Artistic Theory in Animation

Introduction To Artistic Theory in Animation

In a world ruled by creative thought and expression, it can be difficult for young artists to find their own artistic voice. As young artists and animators, we often try to mimic or render what is popular at the time instead of expressing our own thoughts and feelings. “To think like an artist”, is an aspect of creativity that most professionals feel unnecessary to explain because artistic expression is thought to be innate. And while this is true, how do we go about refining that natural creativity into a scientific method?

About the Blogger
As a young artist, I found that my forms of past expression were limited to popular culture in that I drew what I watched and wrote what was written. It wasn’t until  my later years during my highschool career that I realized if I were to pursue a career in the artistic field, I would have to learn how to draw more than just cartoons and anime. I came to an artistic conclusion that most young artists never realize until they pursue a higher education and realize how far behind they are in skill and craft. As an animator enrolled in the University of Texas at Dallas Arts and Technology program, my blog will explore art theory and how it can be applied in animation.


My goal is to teach young animators how to craft their own original stories, characters, and artistic style in order to:

  •  develop a more personable relatioship with their craft and secondly;
  • apply science to artistic theory when developing stories and characters in individual, collaborative, and industry works.

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